Psychometric Development Solutions

We take your test seriously.


PDS is led by psychometric professionals, each with 25-plus years of experience in end-to-end development of individually-administered assessments.

We seek to serve publishers in the norm-referenced testing space that need assistance with developing & executing sampling plans, norming studies, and psychometric analyses.

We can advise your team at every step of the development & publication process.


Tests Are Not Widgets: Tests are not widgets, and shouldn’t be developed in the same way.

Sampling Design Is Complex: Assembling a representative sample is complex.

Administrations Must Be Standardized: During development, we’re testing your test, not the examinees.

Having working on multiple editions of large products and their spinoffs, we’ve seen that the psychometric integrity of published assessments can be strongly affected by market pressures and tight publishing schedules.

Our goal is to restore psychometric integrity to published tests.


Design the sampling plan for your assessment

Help your team manage the data collection

Analyze and interpret the gathered data

Advise your content team about item and person performance

Develop ability scales underlying the tests in your assessment

Develop tables of norm-referenced values for your assessment

Contribute to your validity & reliability work

Assist in writing the technical documentation about your sampling & norming process

Locate and train suitable examiners to gather data on your assessment

Locate examinees and match them to examiners

Arrange testing locations through partner companies and community contacts

Our Team

Erica is an applied psychometrician with over 25 years of experience in clinical test development in both academic and commercial settings.

Her pragmatic approach to test development balances reliability and validity considerations with the realities of the client’s time and resources.

For more than 30 years, David has consulted primarily on the development and publication of the Woodcock-Johnson family of assessment instruments.

David’s innovative modeling and data-visualization skills help clients identify important patterns in their collected data.


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